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Based in Sydney’s South (Sutherland Shire), GeoCapture provides innovative land surveying solutions to private, commercial and government clients NSW wide.

GeoCapture embraces the latest in land surveying technologies and aims to adopt an innovative approach to all of our projects to achieve accurate and efficient outcomes for our clients.

GeoCapture participates in continuous professional development provided by The Institution of Surveyors NSW to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of land surveying technologies, methods and legislative change.

Unlike many surveying companies, GeoCapture is owned and operated by a NSW Registered land surveyor.

A selection of our professional services are described below, if you would like more information or a free, no obligation quote please feel free to contact us.


Boundary Marking

Know where you stand when it comes to your biggest investment, or next project. Contact us to arrange for a qualified land surveyor to visit your site and identify and mark the boundaries. This will clearly delineate the extent of your title and can be used for fencing, retaining walls or for identifying encroachments.

Identification Surveys

Identification surveys are often required for a contract for sale to ensure that the folio identifier of the title agrees with the physical address of the land. Our registered land surveyor will prepare a report along with a sketch showing the position of buildings in relation to boundaries, easements, structures on adjoining properties, as well as providing details of any boundary encroachments.

Subdivision Redefinition and Consolidation Plans

GeoCapture can start the subdivision process by creating draft subdivision plans for discussion with council through to final subdivision plans ready for lodgement. Our registered land surveyor can also prepare plans of redefinition prior to strata subdivision as well as create plans to consolidate multiple lots into one lot. GeoCapture can also lodge these plans at LPI electronically saving time.

Domestic Waterfront Licence Surveys

All improvements beyond mean high water mark such as reclaimed land, jetties and pontoons require a Domestic Waterfront Licence from Crown Lands. Our registered land surveyor can undertake a survey of the improvements and provide a report and drawing suitable for renewing the licence.

Strata Plans

GeoCapture can take your architectural plans and our registered surveyor can prepare draft strata plans. These plans can be used for both DA assessment and for annexure to contracts for sale. Once construction is completed the plans can be finalised and lodged at LPI for title creation.

Topographic Surveys

A Topographic Survey (otherwise known as a detail survey, or contour survey) captures the features of the subject land such as buildings, driveways, trees, retaining walls, fencing and other adjoining information such as neighbouring buildings and windows. A GeoCapture land surveyor can record this information and create a drawing which is used by Architects and Designers to plan new improvements on the land such as extensions, granny flats or complete re-builds as part of a DA. Local Councils will use the topographic survey to make their determination regarding the DA. Each Council has their own requirements as to what should be shown on the plan. GeoCapture land surveyors will tailor our services to meet your Council's and Architect's/Designer's needs.

Granny Flat and Duplex Packages

GeoCapture land surveyors can provide surveying services for your Granny Flat or Duplex project. Let GeoCapture look after the surveying and land issues from topographic survey for DA to pegout, final survey and in the case of duplexes; Torrens or Strata subdivision. We can provide a total survey cost from project inception to occupation.

Underground Services

In conjunction with a qualified service locator and DBYD search, GeoCapture land surveyors can locate and mark underground services. An approximate depth can also be obtained. This can then be surveyed to create an underground service plan or even a 3d model of the services. This data can be used to setout services before excavation or to check for clashing service lines with new underground infrastructure.

As Built Surveys

An 'as built' survey shows how much the finished product compares to the approved design. Quite often Council will require a final survey of new dwellings or other improvements prior to issuing an Occupation Certificate. This is something that must be completed by a Registered Surveyor.

Easement Plans

Easements and Rights can be created for many reasons using a variety of different methods. Let a GeoCapture land surveyor pick the best method for you and look after the entire process from field survey to legals to creation.

Control Surveys

Using GPS, Total Station and Digital Levels, GeoCapture land surveyors can accurately establish survey control marks at your site on Map Grid of Australia (MGA) Co-ordinates and Australian Height Datum (AHD) or a datum and co-ordinate system of your choice.

Drone Surveys

Using the latest in Drone technology and post processing software, GeoCapture land surveyors can undertake a variety of aerial imagery services including ground modelling, point clouds, volume calculations, aerial photography, marketing shoots and ortho-rectified imagery.

Monitoring Surveys

Sub-millimetre movement or deformation in any environment can be accurately measured, mapped and reported using high accuracy total stations and digital levels.

Volume Surveys

Volume surveys can be performed by GeoCapture land surveyors in order to accurately calculate the amount of cut or fill required for a site, or the amount of material that has been removed from or deposited onto a site. Volume surveys can also be used to determine dam, detention basin and landfill capacities.

Lease Area Surveys

Commercial and industrial floor space can be accurately measured using the Property Council of Australia Guidelines for determining Lettable Area. Our registered land surveyor can produce a plan of each floor showing the lettable area along with the method of determining the area. This plan can be annexed to a lease agreement.

Building Setout

Make sure your biggest investment is built in the right place! GeoCapture land surveyors can ensure that your new building is built in the correct location, at the right setback from the boundary at the right level.